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We know people are tired of the emptiness of modern materialism. It’s time we return to materialism’s original form in which we fully respect the creators and resources that go into material goods.

That’s why we curate game changing footwear brands from around the world to help you buy less but better. These kicks are not like the ones your friends wear.

Theory of Change

It’s no secret that the way we consume has become incompatible with the health of the earth’s living systems. The trouble is that we are all a part of both, a society with a consumption problem and, the living systems that are being compromised by it.

No single one of us can change this. But there is one thing that can change all of us – our societal norms. If we are to make the transition to a sustainable future, we need to overhaul many of these norms and expectations such as, overconsumption, throwaway culture, and our disconnection from nature and traditional knowledge.

Whether we intend it or not the things we buy and wear also send signals about our choices. Individual choices that contribute to shaping broader norms. At Cobbled Goods we want to help reshape what’s normal when it comes to our consumption patterns.

To do this we are creating a footwear destination that exclusively hosts indie footwear brands that leave behind the old systems of mass production and cheap unsustainable materials. We ensure that the majority of our footwear is priced for common people. Thoughtful consumption won’t get far if its limited to a few. We also know that thoughtful citizens don’t buy shoes they have lukewarm feelings about. So we make sure to search far and wide for great design.

By enabling thoughtful consumption we help you contribute to shifting our societies expectations. That’s why we see each pair as a symbol of change.

How it Began

While shopping for a new pair of shoes and feeling the pressures of both unhinged consumerism and our global ecological crisis, I decided to look for alternatives. A surprising number of innovative brands turned up. After ordering a pair, I was sold on the unique design and handmade quality.

After a year of hunting down other obscure shoe companies whose impacts range from supporting artisans in the Amazon, to offering DIY shoe kits, and recycling car tires into soles, it became clear that there was more out there than anyone knew. Cobbled Goods has since been designed to shed light on this global treasure trove of uncommon footwear, made with the common good in mind.

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.”

–  William Gibson

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