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+25 Best Online Thrift Stores For Second Hand Shoes

A collage of resale platform logos for the best places to buy used shoes online

If you’re looking for unique shoes, vintage shoes, or a hot deal — thrifting is a good way to fill your boots. Buying second hand shoes can also help slow down the wasteful fashion industry. 

Your local thrift store is a great place to start. But finding something in your size can be tricky. That’s where online thrift stores come in. They make a vast selection of used shoes available to you, wherever you are.

We’ve done the research and curated the best places to buy pre-owned and pre-loved shoes online.

Of course, the hunt can take some time and patience, but that’s the point. Slowing down and being thoughtful about the purchases you make. 

How Sustainable is Shopping Second Hand?

There are many sustainability benefits to shopping for pre-owned shoes and clothing. Keeping materials in use saves energy and resources. According to the European Recycling Industries Confederation, the environmental impact of reusing textiles is 70x less than producing textiles.

Shopping second hand also avoids other sustainability issues that happen at the production stage. For example, chemical exposure and labour abuses that are commonly found on cotton farms, in leather tanneries, and in garment factories.

Yet the good intentions behind the second hand movement are threatened by the profit motives of big resale platforms.

What’s the Trouble with Second Hand?

Big Finance

The second hand market is growing 15x faster than clothing retail making it a magnet for investment from big finance and billionaires. Most resale platforms are now part of the shareholder-owned economy that funnels wealth to the top and widens inequality. The excessive CEO pay many platforms provide (highlighted below) is one of the visible signs of this wealth funnel in action.


Second hand platforms that serve shareholders’ appetite for growth are also incentivised to promote overconsumption, like any other fast fashion brand. The difference is it can now be marketed as “guilt free” and “sustainable”. For some people this is a green light to replace fast fashion habits with resale.

On top of that most platforms don’t check where resellers get their stock. Even if its brand new clothing bought from fast fashion retailers just to be resold.


Another problem is that investor backed resale platforms are not very profitable. So how will they pay back their investors? The answer is that they will eventually claw back every penny they can at the expense of buyers and sellers.

It’s the same strategy Uber used to undercut the taxi industry. They offered their service at a loss for a decade until gaining market dominance, now they are raising prices on passengers and squeezing drivers to pay back investors. Journalist, Corey Doctorow, has dubbed this process, “enshittification”. It applies as much to Uber as it does to resale and any other platform beholden to big finance.

How to Thrift Responsibly Online?

Make thoughtful choices

Continue buying second hand. We need at least 20% of our wardrobes to be second hand. The huge inventories of online thrift stores are an important part of this.

The trick is to be thoughtful about your consumption choices. This means taking a longer-term view and purchasing things that you will make good use of and care for.

Support independent online thrift stores

Avoid becoming reliant on big finance owned, second hand marketplaces. This means supporting the smaller alternatives wherever you can.

Cooperative platforms like StyleCrush are the antidote to enshittification. Owned by its community of buyers and sellers, StyleCrush shows how profits and decision-making can be shared democratically. Although it’s small, we need to nurture these seeds of a fair and democratic economy.

There are also other independent A black and white fist icon indicating which sustainable shoe brands are independent. online thrift stores that are free from investor control. Look out for Abbots, Noihsaf, SneakerCycle, WEAR, The Closet, and WISI-Oi.

Use keywords – Are you looking for a specific brand, model, or style? Plug it into the search bar. The larger the platform’s shoe selection, the more specific you can be (i.e. vintage high top sneakers). Being specific can also help you find hidden gems that others haven’t found.

Use filters – Filters help to cut through the clutter to quickly find listings matching your desired price, location, style, etc.

Look for quality brands – Buying used shoes is a great way to score a deal on high-quality footwear. But there is often competition for the most popular brands. To avoid this competition, look for quality brands that are lesser-known.

Brand name isn’t everything – Beware that reputable brands often have both higher and lower quality lines and models. While some brands have also declined in quality over time. As a general rule of thumb, older shoes from before the 2000s should be longer-lasting. It can be worthwhile to do some research to find out what model or time period is best to look for. A quick Reddit or Google search is a good places to start.

Vet the seller – Before you place an order, it’s always a good idea to check out the seller’s profile and reviews. This is especially the case if the price seems too good to be true. You also want to make sure you read the whole product description rather than rely on photos to ensure you aren’t surprised when your order arrives.

Check the buyer protection policy – Most resale platforms have at least a 2 to 3 day return policy to protect against items that are not as described or not received. However, you can also get additional peace of mind by using PayPal, which provides its own Purchase Protection.


Moonstar, Novesta, Reebok

Vintage Sneakers

Pony, Brooks, Autry, Trax, Jox, Karhu, Keds, PF Flyers, Avia

Leather Shoes

John Fluevog, Cydwoq

Barefoot Shoes

Vivobarefoot, Softstar


Redwings (Classic 877), Grenson, R.M. Williams, Chippewa, Trickers, Crockett & Jones, Edward Green, Tricker’s, Yuketen


Danner, Fabiano

Vintage Dress Shoes

Florsheim, Johnston & Murphy (Aristocraft), Wright, Weyenberg (50’s-60’s), Nettleton


Calzuro, Dansko, Skola


Sabah, Stegmann

Wedge Sandals


List of Online Thrift Stores


eBay’s huge number of listings and international reach are unmatched. It might take some digging to find the right pair, but it is one of the best places to find used shoes online. 

You can use the “advanced” search option to shop local and save on emissions and shipping. Find it just to the right of the main search bar. Then scroll down to “Item location”.

🏆 Best for: overall selection
🔍 Shoe selection: +9,000,000
📦 Area served: global
🔑 Ownership: 94% institutions (top 3: Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street)
💰 CEO pay: $17M (2022)

⏬ International eBay sites

eBay United States
eBay Canada
eBay UK
eBay Australia & New Zealand
eBay Argentina
eBay Belgium
eBay Brazil
eBay China
eBay France
eBay Germany
eBay Austria
eBay Italy
eBay Netherlands
eBay Spain
eBay Switzerland
eBay Hong Kong
eBay India
eBay Ireland
eBay Malaysia 
eBay Philippines
eBay Poland
eBay Russia
eBay Singapore



An e-commerce platform focused on handmade and vintage items. It is a great place to find unique second hand shoes and to support small boutiques and artisans who may not have any other online presence. Learn how to use Etsy to shop local here.

🏆 Best for: vintage footwear
🔍 Shoe selection: +300,000
📦 Area served: global
🔑 Ownership: 99% institutions (top 3: Vanguard, BlackRock, Capital Group)
💰 CEO pay: $16M (2022)


A social shopping platform with a simple and trendy aesthetic making it one of the most enjoyable places to thrift online. It is a great place to find pre-owned sneakers from common brands like Nike, Vans, and Converse. 

🏆 Best for: browsing experience
🔍 Shoe selection: +500,000
📦 Area served: US, Europe, Australia (international shipping varies by seller)
🔑 Ownership: Etsy, Inc.
💰 CEO pay: $16M (2022)


Poshmark is a US-based social fashion marketplace. It is a giant in the online resale world making it a great place for buying used shoes of all kinds. 

🏆 Best for: variety
🔍 Shoe selection: +500,000
📦 Area served: US, Canada, Australia, India, UK
🔑 Ownership: Naver Corp. whose top shareholders include Hae-Jin Lee (Korean billionaire), BlackRock, and Vangaurd
💰 CEO pay: $3M (2021)


Facebook Marketplace is a great way to find used shoes near you. There are also Facebook groups for buying and selling different kinds of used shoes. For example, Minimalist Shoe Buy/Sell/Trade or The Shoe Forum dedicated to classic leather shoes. Alternatively, look up local shoe exchange groups in your area.

🏆 Best for: bargaining
🔍 Shoe selection: location based
📦 Area served: most countries except for China and a few others
🔑 Ownership: top shareholders are Mark Zuckerberg, Vanguard, and BlackRock
💰 CEO pay: $24M (2023)

Abbot’s A black and white fist icon indicating which sustainable shoe brands are independent.

Abbot’s specialises in quality pre-owned leather footwear. The quality of craftsmanship and materials used by higher-end brands means they are made to last for decades when properly taken care of. Abbot’s is making sure they are put to good use by reconditioning them and selling them at a more affordable price. Sign up to their newsletter for a £10 discount.

🏆 Best for: high-end leather footwear
🔍 Shoe selection: +300
📦 Area served: UK shipping (£3.99) + international shipping (£15 – £30)
🔑 Ownership: +75% owned and controlled by the founder


Grailed is a second hand marketplace for men’s fashion. It has a large selection of men’s used shoes consisting mostly of streetwear brands. Although it caters to sneakerheads, there are plenty of deals to be found.

🏆 Best for: streetwear & sneakerheads
🔍 Shoe selection: +200,000
📦 Area served: global
🔑 Ownership: subsidiary of GOAT Group owned by venture capital, hedge funds, and its founders

ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace is home to +900 small businesses including independent brands and vintage boutiques from +50 countries. The used shoe section includes a selection with affordable prices. You can use the filters to see only vintage items or items in a specific country.

🏆 Best for: discovering vintage boutiques
🔍 Shoe selection: +2,000
📦 Area served: global
🔑 Ownership: top shareholders are Anders Povlsen (Danish billionaire), Mike Ashley (British billionaire), Camelot Capital
💰 CEO pay: $1M (2023)


Bonanza is a global platform featuring a mish-mash of vendors selling both used and new products. Although the website has a distinctly dated feel, it is functional and offers a wide selection of used footwear that is worth taking a look at. As the seller base is dispersed internationally, make sure to narrow your search listing to those that ship to your country.

🏆 Best for: variety
🔍 Shoe selection: 200,000
📦 Area served: Global
🔑 Ownership: solo investor


Mercari is a Japanese online marketplace that feels like a combination of eBay and Craigslist. The site is only available in Japanese, but there are apps for that if you are feeling adventurous. It is a great place to score deals on quality western brands that are popular in Japan such as, Redwing or Trippen.

🏆 Best for: unique finds
🔍 Shoe selection: unknown
📦 Area served: Japan + international shipping
🔑 Ownership: Shintaro Yamada (Japanese billionaire), Nomura Group, Nikko Asset Management
💰 CEO pay: $1.5M (2023)

The RealReal

The RealReal is a big business that resells luxury goods. Since becoming a public company traded on the stock market, former employees have reported underpaid staff and a focus on “the quantity of product, rather than the value of the product.” We still include it here as it has one of the largest selections of second hand designer shoes.

🏆 Best for: luxury fashion
🔍 Shoe selection: +4,000
📦 Area served: US + international shipping
🔑 Ownership: top shareholder are Woodson Capital (hedge fund), Morgan Stanley, and Vangaurd
💰 CEO pay: $4M (2023) 

StyleCrush A black and white fist icon indicating which sustainable shoe brands are independent.

The founders of StyleCrush love thrifting. But they see most online thrifting options as overwhelming for buyers and rarely profitable for resellers. Their budding fashion resale marketplace is meant to change this. It will make thrifting easy with styling inspo and advice. And more profitable by making the platform member-owned to ensure profits flow back to the community rather than outside investors. You can browse a limited selection of used shoes on their beta platform now.

🏆 Best for: ethical shoe brands
🔍 Shoe selection: <100
📦 Area served: US
🔑 Ownership: community owned

Noihsaf Bazaar A black and white fist icon indicating which sustainable shoe brands are independent.

Noihsaf is like an underground version of Depop. It started out as an Instragram account in 2013 and grew mostly through word of mouth. It has a smaller selection but is carefully curated by hand, resulting in a high density of thrift treasures without the boutique consignment markup. Noihsaf focuses on vintage items, smaller brands, and some recognisable brands like Docs and Birks, while avoiding fast fashion.

🏆 Best for: well curated selection
🔍 Shoe selection: +1,000
📦 Area served: US 
🔑 Ownership: founder owned

SneakerCycle A black and white fist icon indicating which sustainable shoe brands are independent.

A major US online thrift store focused on both reusing and recycling used shoes. The company started as GotSneakers, a non-profit sneaker recycling service. It collects used sneakers from individuals and returns from retailers across the US. Before the pandemic they sold them overseas. But when export markets shut down they started listing sneakers on eBay. They quickly found success and decided to launch their own online thrift store site under the name SneakerCycle.

The platform has fair prices and a great selection. It is especially good for thrifting athletic footwear brands like Nike, Adidas, Hoka, On, and New Balance. They also thoroughly clean each pair, making it easy for you to get more life out of their shoes.

🏆 Best for: sneakers, runners, sports shoes
🔍 Shoe selection: +20,000
📦 Area served: US only (free shipping)
🔑 Ownership: founder owned

Goodwill Online

Goodwill’s online shop showcases inventory from Goodwill stores across the US. The platform uses an auctioning system with bidding often starting between $5 and $10 plus a small handling fee. This means there’s plenty of opportunity to find a bargain on used shoes from common brands and sometimes higher-end brands as well.

Although Goodwill is a nonprofit and is free from investor financial pressure. It has become a giant organisation that follows many extractive practices. These include its history of excessive CEO compensation and underpaying workers. In some cases less than minimum wage.

🏆 Best for: bargain hunting
🔍 Shoe selection: +25,000
📦 Area served: US (International shipping is seller dependent)
🔑 Ownership: nonprofit 
💰 CEO pay: $650K avg. ($100M total across 155 stores)


A large second hand shopping platform focused on women’s and kids’ fashion. They carry popular brands and offer big discounts on used shoes. Their business model is based on making mass resale convenient. ThredUP also offers a clean out service in some countries. It’s an easy way to declutter your closet or shoe rack, as long as you’re not too fussed about how much you are compensated.  

🏆 Best for: big discounts on women’s and kids’ shoes
🔍 Shoe selection: +50,000
📦 Area served: US, Canada
🔑 Ownership: top shareholders are Capital Group, Goldman Sachs, Thrivent
💰 CEO pay: $3M

Mercari US

Mercari’s US website offers a wide selection of used shoes and a convenient app to shop from your phone.

🏆 Best for: convenient shopping app 
🔍 Shoe selection: +100,000 
📦 Area served: US
🔑 Ownership: Shintaro Yamada (Japanese billionaire), Nomura Group, Nikko Asset Management
💰 CEO pay:$1.5M


Vinted is a giant second hand fashion marketplace. Its seemingly random assortment of used shoes and affordable prices gives the feeling that you are browsing the inventory of an IRL thrift store. 

🏆 Best for: thrift store feel
🔍 Shoe selection: +20,000
📦 Areas served: EU, US, Canada
🔑 Ownership: mostly venture capital

WEAR Store A black and white fist icon indicating which sustainable shoe brands are independent.

A pre-loved sneaker marketplace based in the Netherlands. The company gives tens of thousands of used sneakers a second life by refurbishing them in its Fresh Step Factory, where it hires people with untapped labour potential.

🏆 Best for: social impact & fair prices
🔍 Shoe selection: +3000
📦 Area served: EU
🔑 Ownership: owned by its two founders and an angel investor


Thrift+ offering great prices and a good selection of used shoes to UK based thrifters. They aim to provide an ultra-efficient experience. The company was founded on the principle of a three-way profit-sharing model. One-third to the clothing donor, one-third to UK charities, and one-third to Thrift+. The company appears to have taken on venture capital investment and has since shifted away from this model. But is still donating a discretionary amount to charity. 

🏆 Best for: user experience 
🔍 Shoe selection: +8,000
📦 Area served: UK
🔑 Ownership: mostly venture capital


Vinted is a giant second hand fashion marketplace. Its seemingly random assortment of used shoes and affordable prices give the feeling of browsing the inventory of an IRL thrift store. 

🏆 Best for: thrift store feel
🔍 Shoe selection: +20,000
📦 Area served: EU, US, Canada
🔑 Ownership: mostly venture capital


Netlfea or Vähänkäytetty (in Finnish) aims to bring the traditional flea market into the digital era, which translates to great prices on used shoes. The platform also distinguishes itself from others by providing users with the convenience of combining multiple items from different sellers to be shipped as one package with a single fee.

🏆 Best for: low prices
🔍 Shoe selection: +4,000
📦 Area served: Europe
🔑 Ownership: founders and venture capital


Lampoo is a marketplace for pre-owned luxury fashion with a large selection of women’s shoes.

🏆 Best for: designer footwear
🔍 Selection: +7,000
📦 Area served: EU
🔑 Ownership: mostly venture capital

The Next Closet

A Dutch womens-focused second hand marketplace offering mostly designer brands. Their large collection of pre-loved footwear is screened for quality and authenticity.


🏆 Best for: like new designer footwear
🔍 Shoe selection: +10,000
📦 Area served: EU
🔑 Ownershipventure capital

The Closet A black and white fist icon indicating which sustainable shoe brands are independent.

The Closet is Australia’s largest online thrift store for fashion. They set themselves apart by only accepting used shoes that are still in great condition.

🏆 Best for: like new footwear
🔍 Shoe selection: +200
📦 Area served: Australia
🔑 Ownership: founder owned

Reluv A black and white fist icon indicating which sustainable shoe brands are independent.

One of Australias largest online thrift stores powered by its founder, Karen, and a few employees. They are known their customer service and putting sustainability at the heart of it business. Unlike many big resale platforms that embrace fast fashion, Reluv takes a stand. They do not allow it on their site because the lack of durability makes it rarely suitable for resale. Instead they support circular fashion system by giving you credits for recycling your second hand fast fashion through their textile recycling partner. They also support garment workers by donating $1 from every purchase.

🏆 Best for: stylish heels and boots
🔍 Shoe selection: +300
📦 Area served: Australia
🔑 Ownership: founder owned

WISI-Oi A black and white fist icon indicating which sustainable shoe brands are independent.

A South African second hand marketplace founded by Phumi Körber after she got fed up seeing firsthand the massive amount of waste produced by the fashion industry. WISI-Oi was built to be an alternative to the mainstream. In her words, it is “a digital hub for creative, fashion-forward, mindful consumers celebrating the culture of shared fashion.”

🏆 Best for: sneakers & heels
🔍 Shoe selection: +400
📦 Area served: South Africa 
🔑 Ownership: majority owned and controlled by the founder


An African classified ads marketplace founded in Lagos by a Ukrainian tech entrepreneur. As the largest resale platform on the continent, spanning multiple countries, it has a large inventory of used shoes for sale. International shipping will vary by seller.

🏆 Best for: shopping locally in Africa
🔍 Shoe selection: +60,000
📦 Area served: Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania
🔑 Ownership: founder and venture capital

Disclaimer: All logos that appear at the top of this page belong to their respective owners. The use of these logos is purely for illustrative and informational purposes.

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