As a curated digital catalog our focus is on connecting future thinking people and brands rather than selling shoes ourselves.

As a curator serving a global audience there is significant complexity in calculating and updating prices. This is because our visitors use varying currencies, while our brands use varying and in some cases multiple currencies. For example, a brand may have three separate online stores specific to US, Canadian, and EU customers. Additionally, import duties are based on international trade agreements which vary between countries. To make things simple, we use a price bracket system to help you easily compare relative prices.

$……………$0 – $59

$$………….$60 – $119

$$$………..$120 – $199



Prices show are in USD and do not inlcude the potential costs of shipping or import duties.


Most of our brands ship worldwide. However, there are some exceptions. Please check the description on a specific product’s page for shipping details.

Shipping costs vary by brand and destination. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay up to $30 USD for shipping. However, they are often free for purchases within your home country or region. You can use our Go Local Map to find the companies closest to you and save on shipping and emissions, while supporting local.

International orders may be subject to import taxes, or customs duties and fees, charged by the country receiving the shipment. You will have to pay any applicable fees when your shipment arrives. These fees are determined by national governments and the international trade agreements they have in place. You can use this online duty calculator to estimate the possible import cost.

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