1992 by Virón

1992 by Virón

Virón rekindles the energy of counterculture movements from past generations to inspire radical thinking today. Each of their sustainable sneakers pays homage to a specific era. The 1992 is an extra high chunky soled sneaker that is sure to make an impression.

Why they’re good

Recognising the need for systemic change to address global ecological crises, Virón’s founders designed the brand to be provocative. Their aim is to influence hearts and minds as much as it is to minimise the impact of their footwear.

The upper materials vary by colour. The range includes, 70% recycled cotton canvas, upcycled army tents, apple leather, and recycled PET bottles. In addition, the lining is made from recycled cotton or a recycled polyester blend.

Virón is also creating a closed-loop system for their shoes. They allow customers to return used pairs for recycling. In exchange they will give you a solid discount on your next pair. Virón then reintegrates the rubber from old shoe soles into production. The result is their signature never ending sole, continuously remade from 70% recycled rubber. They do have to add 30% virgin rubber to the mix to maintain rubber quality and durability.


Colourways: Purple Camo, Khaki Green, Black, White
Sizing: Unisex
Shipping: Worldwide (Free in the EU)
Website: English

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