EOS 2 by Ankleco

EOS 2 by Ankleco

The low-cut EOS 2 is a unique silhouette designed with circularity in mind. It uses a combo of natural and recycled materials, low-toxicity adhesive, and is handcrafted to ensure attention to detail and durability


01. Sole made from natural crepe rubber
Tapping rubber does not harm trees. It provides excellent traction and cushioning for the feet.

02. Insole made from natural rubber latex covered with bamboo charcoal fabric
Natural anti-odour properties keep your feet fresh.

03. Inner Lining made from coffee charcoal fabric
Recycled coffee grounds are processed into a natural fiber to produce a breathable and comfortable base layer.

04. Upper made from rPET suede
100% recycled PET bottles.

05. Laces made from organic natural waxed cotton
Simply because organic cotton will decompose 5x faster than synthetic nylon.


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Colours: Black, Black & White

Gender: Genderless

Shipping: Worldwide (Free to 38 countries)

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