Gabriel by Cano

Gabriel by Cano

Cano’s GABRIEL boot is inspired by the original Cairo desert boot. These light-weight, ankle height boots can be adjusted with the shoelaces to fit you just right. The natural rubber soles will quickly adjust to the shape of your feet and offer great traction for those adventurous walks. These vegetable-tanned leather boots are fairly handcrafted by our Mexican artisans. They will be the perfect match for any bottom in your wardrobe!

Check out the workshop and meet the artisans

The 3% reduction from the German VAT of this product will be donated to improve our artisan’s standard of living.

Cano loves traditional craftsmanship and they value the unique skills behind handcrafted products. Cano aims to give the artisans the credit they deserve by paying fair wages, ensuring a professional work environment and improving their living standards.

Their Vision is to reconnect consumers with fashion makers. In order to accomplish this every CANO shoe is equipped with an NFC-tag. Scan the tag with retraced app to get to know the value chain and all the people behind your product.

Leather, the most important resource in their shoes, is vegetable tanned following a traditional, 200-year-old method and extensive 14-step process that takes up to 28 days. The cow hides are dyed using plant and earth-based tanning agents instead of harmful chemicals, and are naturally dried outside over multiple days. Apart from the tanning process, we try to keep our leather as ethical as possible. The cows come from wide-open farms and to keep transportation short and emissions low, all our leather is sourced locally.


Promo: 10% off using coupon code: cobbledgoods
Colours: Beige, Chocoloate
Gender: Genderless
Shipping: Worldwide (Free on orders over 150€)
Website language: English & German



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