GRO by Wair

GRO by Wair

GRO is a limited collection of sustainable unisex sneakers. Wair makes each pair with upcycled materials.

Why they’re good?

The team at Wair specializes in finding opportunities to loop waste back into the production cycle. For the GRO collection they gathered old workwear and denim jeans with factory defects and stitched them it into fresh uppers. They also thoughtfully select their other materials. For example, the soles are made with 70% recycled rubber and the laces from 100% recycled cotton.

On top of their waste recovery efforts, we love that Wair’s shoes are crafted in Portugal at a family-owned factory. In other words we know that the makers are treated fairly, which is not a given for the mainstream mass producing brands (see examples, here, here, and here).


Colourways: Grey, Blue, Rose
Sizing: Unisex
Shipping: Worldwide
Website: English





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