Mindo by Saola

Mindo by Saola

Saola’s feather-lightultra-breathable sneakers are named after Ecuador’s nirvana of outdoor recreation and biodiversity – Mindo. The stretchy knit upper is made with recycled PET from plastic bottles and is easy to slip on and off with or without socks, while the partially recycled outsoles not only feel light and comfortable, but are kinder to the planet.

What is PET? It’s short for polyethylene terephthalate a type of plastic commonly found in food packaging and plastic water bottles. When recycled, PET goes through a cleaning, grinding, and melting process that results in thread, giving second life to plastic and reducing trash in our landfills. And what happens to this thread you might ask? Well, it’s then woven into various fabrics to create the comfy and stylish uppers for SAOLA shoes. If we didn’t tell you they were recycled shoes, you’d never know it. Each pair of SAOLA shoes contains between four and five recycled PET bottles. And one more thing. All Saola’s PET comes from a supplier that is accredited by the “Global Recycled Standard”, which ensures the traceability of the production line of these materials.


Top 3 features

Recycled materials – recycled PET uppers and EVA outsoles made with 20% recycled EVA

Natural materials – Insole made from natural cork and algae foam,  organic cotton laces

Comfort – Super lightweight soles and breathable uppers 


Colours: Burnt olive, fossil, navy, charcoal, white, obsidian, sand

Gender: Gendered sizing

Shipping: Worldwide

Website language: English







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