MMEA by Umòja

MMEA by Umòja

The MMEA is a high end sustainable sneaker with a minimalist yet eye catching aesthetic. The eco-design combines African textile tradition and innovation in a shoe made from 100% natural materials.

Why they’re good?

Umòja was inspired by the discovery that the traditional African textile craft industry is slowly dying. These traditional practices use natural plant dying techniques. They are both time and skill intensive. As a result they are being replaced by cheaper and quicker mass produced textiles. Umòja is helping to revive these cultural heritages. They do this by creating international market access for craftsmen through their shoes.

Beyond their use of natural dyes, these sustainable sneakers use all natural materials. For example, Hevea milk natural rubber, raw linen, and organic cotton. They are also proud to share what each material is and where it is from. This level of transparency is refreshing. It helps ensure that they are not hiding bad practices. It also allows customers to connect with the shoes’ material origins.


Colours: Brown
Size: Unisex
Shipping: Worldwide (free within France)
Website: French & English



Artisanal, Casual




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