Siddhartha by Vesica Piscis

Siddhartha by Vesica Piscis

Vesica is uprooting the linear “take, make, waste” model of production. The company focuses on designing footwear for the circular economy so that they can be easily recycled. Unlike many shoes which are made from a complex combination of different materials that are difficult to separate and recycle, Vesicas can be easily separated into just a few recycled and recyclable materials.

Handmade in Elche, Spain.


  • Uppers: Recycled cotton and polyester
  • Insoles: Recycled PU foam
  • Soles: Combination of natural and synthetic rubber
  • Laces: Recycled Cotton


**In order to limit transportation emissions Vesica focuses on shipping regionally to customers in Europe. If you’re outside of Europe you can make a special request by emailing customer@vesicapiscisfootwear.com.


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