Low Tops by Muki

Low Tops by Muki

Muki’s barefoot shoes are designed to provide health and performance benefits by simulating the feeling of walking barefoot.


  • Natural textiles (using hemp, linen, cotton)
  • Natural rubber soles or recycled rubber
  • Minimum use of water-based glue
  • Dying the textiles with less water and GOTS certified (no GMO pigments)
  • In the case of the water repellent models we use just natural waxes and resins
  • Fair production conditions in Portugal
  • Materials and Suppliers from Portugal or EU


Promo: 10% off any order when using our discount code: cobbledgoods10

Colours: Black, white, sand, plum, rose, basil,

Gender: Genderless

Shipping: Worldwide (Free for large orders)

Website language: English







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