urban RUNNER moc 2 by soleRebels

urban RUNNER moc 2 by soleRebels

soleRebels combines heritage artisan crafts with modern design sensibilities.

Based in Addis Ababa, they are continuing an age old Ethiopian tradition of collecting and sorting used tires to make into shoe soles. Each sole is hand-cut, ensuring a perfectly fitted sole that is long-lasting and very comfortable.

The urbanRUNNER moc 2 features AbyssinianPure™ suede leather upper from traditional small scale herders, hand-woven koba fibre edge wrap for awesome profile, and soleRebels signature recycled car tire soles and laces. Inside is a super soft organic cotton lining.


Top 3 features

Fair worker compensation – soleRebels provides full medical benefits and education funds for its employees and their families. They also pay wages 3 times the industry average.

Handcrafted – Unlike mass produced footwear, soleRebels proudly hand-crafts everything that goes into their footwear. For example, they hand spin and hand loom all of their own textiles.

Sensible materials – In addition to recycled car tires, all soleRebels’ styles incorporate as much recycled and sustainable materials as possible.


Colours: Yellow, red, orange, pink, green, aqua

Gender: Genderless

Shipping: Free Worldwide (+ duty-free in the EU, US, & Canada)

Website language: English







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