VIM by Po-Zu

VIM by Po-Zu

Why they’re good? 


Natural materials

GOTS certified organic cotton upper & lining, Coconut husk & natural latex insole, and certified Fair Trade Rubber sole


Transparent production standards

Made in Sri Lanka in factories are committed to the highest standards of ethical manufacturing. Po-zu’s pulbic Suppliers Code of Practice outlines a strict non-toxic policy, minimum wage compliance, and a commitment to recycle nearly all their waste products, including fabric off-cuts and water.


Durability without toxicity

Po-zu avoids strong but toxic solvents (aka glues) that harm workers, customers, and the planet. Instead the VIMs are made with a volcanised sole that is cooked onto the upper. For additional strength and longevity, they have also added a side stitch around the sole to secure bond between the sole and the upper.


Colourways: Black, Grey
Gender: Men’s & Women’s sizing
Shipping: Worldwide
Website: English







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