Yin & Yang by Unis

Yin & Yang by Unis

Precisely knitted into shape, Unis sneakers feature soft, recycled PET uppers designed for comfort and quality. The knit forms to the shape of your foot, offering firm support and stability without limiting flexibility or breathability. Our midsoles balance comfort and durability. They’re designed and printed to be worn hard. By using a unique internal lattice structure that’s printed at a precise temperature, Unis sneakers have a foamless cushioned feel that absorbs impact softly and stands up to wear. Each shoe is 100% recyclable.

Top 3 features:

Recycled materials – Uppers made with recycled PET

End of life management – Each shoe is 100% recyclable and Unis will take back your old pairs for recycling

Efficiency – Made to order with 3D printing technology means no excess scrap materials or overproduction






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